Perilfinder is a risk assessment and accumulations reporting tool for insurance professionals. Being technically advanced yet user-friendly, Perilfinder helps its users control their risk portfolio by better managing policy accumulations and through identifying geographical perils in real time.

With a tried and trusted pedigree in the insurance market and a skilled staff of developers, modellers and technicians, Perilfinder is a world-class, no-fuss intuitive and feature rich location intelligence system. 

Perilfinder - Underwriting Decision Support

Underwriting Decision Support

  • Gain instant access to geographic risk data from any address entered.
  • Make informed decisions at point-of-sale.
  • View real-time rating and pricing.

Using Perilfinder, a user can key in a risk address and see it on a map. Once located, it presents a simple RAG (Red, Amber, Green) flag for the address, at the point of sale based on the underlying risk data and defined business rules. This allows for quick decisions based on your internal experience, your existing exposure and on external catastrophe data.

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Perilfinder allows you to assess risk by overlaying relevant peril maps such as Flood, Crime, Fire, Subsidence and other perils. The software also provides a facility to overlay key services such as a fire station, police station, etc.

Perilfinder - Exposure Management

Exposure Management

  • Optimise your portfolio risk.
  • Assess accumulation geographically in real time.
  • Monitor risk accumulations.

Perilfinder gives you instant access to geographic risk data, risk address locations and catastrophe models. With these inputs you can easily assess your portfolio risk position and composition in any area.

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Perilfinder provides off the shelf accumulation mapping capability providing identification of risk concentration. Perilfinder allows the user to display policy data by predetermined views e.g. as graduated circles based on the total sum insured (TSI).

Perilfinder - Custom Reporting and Analytics

Custom Reporting and Analytics

  • Flexible Report Templates
  • Multiple Options for Analytics
  • Modular Implementation Options

Clear, concise, flexible reporting is a must in any risk reporting solution, and Perilfinder provides this. Our approach is to offer you pre-set templates and to customise these to suit your reporting requirements. Our reporting module runs analytics against your portfolio and risk models to give insight into risk exposure, accumulations, regulatory reporting such as Solvency II and ad-hoc queries to your portfolio. These reports can be run from Perilfinder interactive or integrated into your backend data warehouse.

Perilfinder - Claims Management

Claims Management

  • Understand the likelihood of damage before and immediately after an event.
  • Accelerate decision-making process.
  • Detect fraudulent claims.

Perifinder allows you to view all policies in force at the time of an event on an interactive map. So you can manage claims effectively and accurately, helping to identify fraudulent claims. Perifinder gives you the complete picture of what happened and where you are exposed to it.

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Visualisation of in-force policies and relevant policy information on an interactive map can be a key differentiator in how you proactively manage your portfolio. Perilfinder can give you greater confidence in understanding exposure following an event.

Policy detailed information can also be viewed and exported for review outside of Perilfinder.

Perilfinder - Event Scenario Analysis

Event Scenario Analysis

  • Evaluate outcomes of a potential catastrophe in real-time.
  • Understand loss potential in a certain area.
  • Assess the impact to your bottom line.

Perilfinder empowers you with information that can minimise risk to your organisation and accelerate your response to catastrophes. By providing tools and custom reports to assess the impact of potential events, you can quickly quantify your potential exposure across your entire book and lines of business.

Perilfinder - Web Service

Perilfinder Web Service

  • Easy integration with existing systems.
  • Flexible deployment options.
  • Powerful and robust.

Perilfinder web services allow for integration with real-time rating systems, in-house GIS, reporting systems and data warehouses. These web services allow for querying against peril models, the Perilfinder rating engine, as well as policy and claims data. The integrated rating engine module also permits easy uploading of rating rules for peril models and geographic areas. Custom automated reports can also be set in the Webservice, with spatial query results returned in JSON and CSV formats.

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