Our Partners

Partnerships allow us to get the most out of the technologies we use.

We take a view that we are only as strong as our weakest link, so we are very prudent in our choice of associates.

Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes Software is a long-time technology partner and we are the sole PBS Premium Partner located on the Island of Ireland. PBS software is often an essential component in our GIS solutions. We chose Pitney Bowes because they are a world class Fortune 500 company with significant development resources at their disposal. Their MapInfo suite of products have long been at the top of the global GIS market and we’ve always found it easy to use and to develop with.

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MapInfo has a solution for every type of GIS user from high-end data analysts to low-end map browsers. And their inclusive and intuitive approach to design has opened up GIS to non-technical users. Since PBS acquired MapInfo Inc. in 2007, it has built a technology giant with additional acquisitions of other complimentary IT companies including Group 1 and Portrait software forming a formidable location intelligence stable. The future looks bright.

Autoaddress is a specialist geocoding technology company offering APIs and tools that enable you to quickly capture accurate addresses. Fully-cloud hosted and using revolutionary matching and learning technology, Autoaddress offers an easy to implement address capture, validation and geocoding tool that is second to none.

Amazon Cloud Hosting

Since 2009, we have been using Amazon Web Services to host shared and dedicated resources for our clients. Leveraging multiple AWS managed services to provide a resilient, fast and automatically scalable web service. Over the years that the AWS service has evolved, we have used new managed resources where possible to keep costs of a hosted service low for our customers. Making best use of the elastic nature of AWS whenever possible.

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Bespoke AWS hosted environments can be created for our clients to host sensitive data with a dedicated VPC (virtual private cloud, private networking and not routable to the internet) using a secure private VPN (IPSEC tunnel) to transfer customer data. Amazon’s Dublin, London and Frankfurt data centre provide the perfect solution to lock resources within the EU when required by our Irish and European customers.
Google Maps

Sometimes a simple map browser is all that’s needed to display and interrogate your geographical data. We use the Google Maps API to expertly analyse your company’s data sources and transforms your data into useful, visual information displayed in the interactive Google Maps interface. As a Google Maps developer, we can create a web-based tool for your users that will allow them to visualise and manipulate data in ways that mere reports cannot.

Data Partners

Gamma partners with many premium data providers to produce an extensive range of geographic data and catastrophe models for our systems and consultancy services. We are not allied to any specific data providers and can accommodate your preferred models, if desired. Where no quality external data exists, we frequently capture and develop critical datasets in-house.