Perilfinder Blog: Empowering Data Driven Underwriting Decisions

Empowering Data Driven Underwriting Decisions

Last year has seen Gamma launch a new product, Perilfinder, which is a cloud hosted total solution for underwriting. Perilfinder was originally built and designed ten years ago but has evolved and changed over time to keep pace with changes in data and technology. Perilfinder combines the power of the most accurate address matching solution available today with Gamma’s unrivalled knowledge and experience.

Perilfinder was developed to transform and reinvent the underwriting process. The software empowers underwriters through an accurate real-time detection of fraud and risk. With the granularity of the risk analysis, better management of accumulations and greater consistency in the decision-making process, insurers can greatly improve their portfolio value.

Some of the most common use cases of Perilfinder to date are:

  • Underwriting decision support,
  • Exposure management,
  • Claims management,
  • Event analysis, and
  • Address-level geocoding.

The data is presented in an easy-to-read dashboard, accessible by multiple departments and executives. Perilfinder allows data to be mapped and manipulated when viewing through a standard browser. There are no internal IT data storage or integration requirement.

Ask for a demo and let Perilfinder transform and reinvent your underwriting process.

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