Perilfinder Blog: Eircode is here: launched and live

Eircode is here: launched and live

So yesterday was the day that, finally, Eircodes got launched. After many years of discussion and waiting, we finally have an official postal code system in Ireland.

While it is a huge relief that the project is finally over the line and the public can start to take advantage of all of the benefits that having a postcode can bring, we now await the public reaction to see what initial Eircode adoption rates are likely to be.

Some of the initial furore on social media was aimed at the fact that finishing your Eircode also returned an official An Post, postal address, which is only used in about 50% of addressing nationally. It is important that people bear in mind that the advice from Eircode is that you append your new code to your existing address. You do not have to use the official An Post address to use your Eircode.




Having got past this issue, the feedback seems to be that the code will be of use to the public, with many in non-unique locations very happy that the code will allow for faster, cheaper and more accurate courier delivery services as well as reducing the issue surrounding speedy dispatch of emergency services.

Beyond the advantages to the end user, there is a a huge amount of interest in how business can implement and leverage the code. Clearly, the first hurdle is to append Eircodes to existing customer records. Autoaddress, the software that was used to design the code and append 46 million government addresses, handles this task seamlessly. It also ensures that, when dealing with customer address data, we store the version of the address that the customer gives us, and append an Eircode to this. It is best practice in customer data management to, where possible, use the address data supplied by the customer, even if it seems to be incorrect. Let your customers tell you where they live, and use Autoaddress and Eircode to manage your data and optimise deliveries and services with your back end systems.




The next steps of Eircode use are for business to leverage the location element of the code and to run some really granular analytics that will open up a raft of new possibilities and optiosn with regards to operational efficiency, market segmentation and customer targeting. Combining Eircoded data with third party information relating to affluence and income will allow for any business to see their customers in a whole new light.

These are exciting times in the location intelligence space and we anticipate that our analytics operations will be greatly enhanced by this development.

We are excited by Eircode, we hope you are too. If you want to talk to us about how you can use Eircode to drive business, get in touch.