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Perilfinder is a complete underwriter’s risk assessment and reporting solution incorporating address matching, building-level geocoding, risk and accumulation scoring and spatial catastrophe models.

Perilfinder supports both decisions at the point of sale to provide a RAG score and in the back office to analyse risk addresses in more detail, through custom user-specific dashboards and tools.

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Perilfinder - Catastrophe Modeling

Other Perils

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We only incorporate the best available geocoding engines and cat models to get immediate answers on peril risk. Our product features include:

  • Reports on risk accumulation implications.
  • Map views of location and risk environment including historic claims.
  • Fully cloud hosted with global data availability.
  • Trusted by the largest insurers in the world.
  • Customisable reports and features. Flexible to your needs.

Your data is one of your most powerful assets, therefore with Perilfinder, multiple departments and executives can have an accessible dashboard that presents enterprise data in an easy-to-read visual display.

Perilfinder allows data to be mapped and manipulated when viewing through a standard browser. Our flexible deployment options offer choices ranging from our standard fully cloud hosted solution to a custom on-premise system.

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